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GlowTwirl™ HyperString Pro

GlowTwirl™ HyperString Pro

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GlowTwirl™ HyperString Pro

GlowTwirl™ HyperString Pro

Regular price $27.97
Regular price $27.97 Sale price $59.97
SAVE 53% Sold out

Why Does the GlowTwirl™ HyperString Pro Have 18K+ Satisfied Customers Who Love It?

"I was a total skeptic when I ordered mine. But the moment I started playing with it, I was like, 'Holy cow, this is AWESOME!' Best random purchase ever!"🪀 -Nick T.





An unmatched design and powerful technology creates a mind-blowing effect you haven't seen anywhere else. The perfect toy, made for everyone.



New moves are being discovered every day. Which will you discover?




Our GlowTwirl™ HyperString Pro UV-Reactive string and built-in UV-Blacklight look like magic at night. The perfect sidekick for concerts, raves, and music festivals.



A fusion of technology, light, and motion: this hand-held device is more than a gadget, it's a personal, interactive light experience that becomes an extension of you.

Perfect for energizing live entertainment, elevating your dance moves, or sparking creativity, the GlowTwirl™ HyperString Pro is your accessory for serious fun.


  • Dual Motors: Safely shoots glowing string at over 40 MPH through the air, creating a stunning levitation effect.
  • Strings: Includes 3 lengths of hyper UV-reactive string in green, pink, and blue.
  • Built-In UV Blacklight: A built-in 395nm wavelength blacklight illuminates your string, allowing you to seemingly break physics and bend light.
  • Control Wheel: Electronic speed controls give you the power to adjust string speed and behavior.
  • USB-C QuickCharge: 1 hour charge time for all day regular use.



Setup Is Simple:

Step 1: Choose Your String

Step 2: Insert Your String Into The GlowTwirl™ HyperString Pro

Step 3: Turn It On!

The GlowTwirl™ HyperString Pro is easy to use, yet has limitless patterns and tricks to discover.



1.IsGlowTwirl™ HyperString Pro safe for children?

Although the string is shooting out at over 35 miles per hour, it's actually completely safe to touch. Our intelligent power cutoff feature automatically shuts off the motors if there's a tangle or anything else that shouldn't be in between the wheels. And our strings are designed to break under tension. We've had thousands of parents get the GlowTwirl™ HyperString Pro as a gift with no worries. But like anything when it comes to small children, we recommend parental supervision.

2.Does the GlowTwirl™ HyperString Pro glow-in-the-dark?

Yes! Our new and improved GlowTwirl™ HyperString Pro now includes a built-in blacklight which makes the UV-reactive string glow like magic in different colors. So you can now use the GlowTwirl™ HyperString Pro day and night - perfect for concerts, festivals, and more!

3.Is the GlowTwirl™ HyperString Pro easy to use?

Yes! The GlowTwirl™ HyperString Pro is extremely easy to use and has a very quick learning curve. Visit our QR code link available inside the Official  loop lasso User Manual for clear, quick video and text guides on how to use the toy.

4.Is the GlowTwirl™ HyperString Pro rechargeable?

Yes! The GlowTwirl™ HyperString Pro is now built with USB-C Rechargeable capabilities - meaning faster charging and better battery life.

5.What the heck is the use of this thing?

Simply put... it's a toy! But the GlowTwirl™ HyperString Pro does make a great office fidget to relieve stress. It's also a fun educational toy for kids. And makes a super cool gadget to take to all kinds of concerts and events.

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